Etiaxil 腋下走珠止汗劑 (一般皮膚適用)Roll-On Antiperspirant for Armpits (Normal Skin)

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容量 15 ml

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「Etiaxil 腋下走珠止汗劑 (一般皮膚適用)」可幫助清爽腋下,同時更是防止腋下形成擾人難聞的氣味,幫助汗腺體調節汗水,以不影響身體自然排汗需要而作適當調節,兼具抗菌功能,預防不良氣味的起源,「Etiaxil 腋下走珠止汗劑 (一般皮膚適用)」不含無香水香料。

For a better effectiveness, apply Etiaxil in the evening before going to bed to a clean, clear and dry skin. Let dry naturally at the air. The day after, Wash the armpits with water and sooap. The effectiveness of Etiaxil allows to space up the applications. At the beginning of the treatment, apply it 2 days in a row before going to bed. Once the needed comfort is reached, apply it one day out of 2, 3, 4, and finally once a week. Precautions for use: After shaving or waxing, don't apply the product within 48 hours.

Alcohol Denat., Aluminum Chloride, Dimethicone Copolyol.