Orchidee Imperiale White The Imperial Radiance Mask

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Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale Brightening Exceptional Complete Care The Imperial Radiance Mask has the following features: Features the illuminating power of Orchid Noble Light ™ technology in the first Orchidée Imperiale cream-infused sheet mask. With the inspiration of the professional expertise of Guerlain Institute, it provides the skin with powerful brightening and age-defying active ingredients. Regenerates the skin’s youthful radiance and visibly erases dark spots and sources of shadows which are caused by age, the environment and lifestyle. Delivers ten times more cream than the classic application method with its impermeable, laminated lining. Instantly nourished skin, creating a smooth and plump texture with extraordinary youthful radiance. The results measured by dermatologists show an improvement with each application of the mask: after using 4 masks, the number of dark spots is diminished by 24%* and the appearance of wrinkles by 40%*. * Clinical test, results measured by a dermatologist, 33 women, after 4 masks (1 mask per week).