Emulsion White

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Size 6.7 oz 200 ml

COSME DECORTE Cellgenie Emulsion White has the following features: Enhances skin clarity, which imparts impeccably clear brightness and vibrant radiance to skin. Enriched with traditional Japanese ingredient Alnus Firma Extract (moisturizer) and traditional Chinese ingredient Inula Britannica Extract (moisturizer) , it maintains an ideal stratum corneum condition for a beautiful complexion. Infused with Vitamin C derivative (whitener), reduces melanin pigments and suppresses melanin overproduction, thereby preventing dark spots and freckles. Penetrates the skin, hydrating it and preparing it to absorb active ingredients. Helps relax skin prone to dehydration and hardening due to UV radiation and aging with Sorbitan Sesquioleate which improves the suppleness of the skin.
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